Advanced Coupons for WooCommerce Coupons


Add extended smart WooCommerce coupons features with Advanced Coupons! It’s the free WooCommerce coupon plugin that makes your WooCommerce coupons better.

Every store owner deserves to have the best coupon features on their WooCommerce coupons – it’s the key to marketing your store better!

That’s why we built this 100% free WooCommerce coupon plugin so you can get features like BOGO, url coupons, cart conditions, coupon role restrictions, store credit, and more totally free.

We made WooCommerce coupons better so you can:

  • Run WooCommerce BOGO deals (new BOGO coupon type)
  • Protect against accidental discount coupon usage with Cart Conditions (coupon rules)
  • Grant customers WooCommerce store credit to use for purchases
  • Refund orders to store credit to help retain customers
  • Organize your WooCommerce coupons with coupon categories
  • Apply WooCommerce coupons with a URL easily (WooCommerce coupon URLs)
  • Restrict WooCommerce coupons by user role
  • Show WooCommerce coupons on the quick order preview box

WooCommerce BOGO coupons, otherwise known as Buy One Get One coupon deals, are VERY common in the offline world. So why can’t you run those kinds of deals on your WooCommerce store as well?!

Now you can – Advanced Coupons WooCommerce BOGO coupons let you easily run a BOGO deal (Buy One Get One deal) on your store.

It’s a much more flexible WooCommerce coupon type compared to straight discounts that your customers will love! It’s also much more profitable for your store as well when compared to standard discount coupons (read on).

WooCommerce coupon misuse is a huge problem for store owners worldwide. Smart store owners are using coupon rules, what we call “Cart Conditions”, to reduce this significantly. By setting the right conditions on your WooCommerce coupons you can control exactly when they are allowed to be used.

For example:
* Only apply a coupon when products from a particular category are in the cart
* Only apply a coupon after a subtotal has been reached
* Only apply a coupon when a specific product is in the cart in a specific quantity
* Only apply a coupon on their first use (check their total spend is zero!)

And there’s dozens more! You can also combine and mix and match cart conditions to create more specific coupon rules.