Recapture Abandoned Cart Recovery and Email/SMS Marketing


Recapture is the easiest and most effective way to recover abandoned carts and do email marketing for your WooCommerce site.  Recapture has recovered over $200 million for stores of all sizes since 2015.  Give us 5 minutes and we’ll give you a 10% boost in revenue on your existing sales with very little work.

Recapture’s abandoned cart recovery for WooCommerce helps your ecommerce store recover lost revenue from abandoned carts for WooCommerce. Recapture tracks when carts are abandoned on your store, then lets you send recovery emails to encourage the customers who abandoned these carts to complete the purchase.

No need to configure your email on your server, manage your cron, or even have to write the emails from scratch–Recapture does all of that for you, seamlessly.

Recapture has best-in-class email capture capabilities–using email popups, or our new “Add to Cart” email popup, where users enter an email before they add the item to the cart, ensuring easier recovery.

And now, Recapture support SMS notifications for order updates and abandoned cart recovery.


A free Recapture account is required to recover abandoned carts for your WooCommerce store


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About the Builder


Recapture makes your store more money through abandoned cart recovery, sending winback and post purchase emails and supporting broadcast emails for promotions and newsletters.  We\’ve recovered over $200 million for stores of all sizes since 2015.

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