Shop as Client for WooCommerce


Allows a WooCommerce store Administrator or Shop Manager to use the frontend and assign a new order to a registered or new customer, taking advantage of all the frontend functionalities that might not exist on the backend, which can be very useful for phone or email orders.

The order will automatically be assigned to a registered customer if the billing email matches. If no registered user is found, the shop manager can decide to either create a new user or leave the order as if it was inserted by a guest.

The full functionality can be achieved by installing both the free plugin and the PRO add-on.

  • Search previous customers/orders, and automatically fill in the checkout details on the frontend.
  • Create orders for existing users if the email address exists on the customer database;
  • Choose either to create a new user or leave the order as if it was inserted by a guest if the email address does not exist on the customer database;
  • “Request payment by email” gateway allows the customer to choose how to pay, instead of the shop manager;

About the Builder

PT Woo Plugins

PT Woo Plugins is a brand by Webdados, a WordPress and WooCommerce agency located near Lisbon in Portugal, dedicated to the development of WordPress plugins, mainly in the e-commerce scope.

We started focusing on the Portuguese market, developing specific WooCommerce integrations for services based in Portugal, but are now evolving to the international market, with global plugins and solutions.

Webdados was founded in 2005 and is run by Marco Almeida, a known member of the Portuguese and European WordPress community. The first WooCommerce plugin was launched in 2013.

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