WooCommerce Prune Orders


Adds tools to the WP Admin > WooCommerce > Status > Tools page to move all orders of the selected status and cutoff date into the trash, where they can then be permanently deleted to improve site performance.

Many thanks to Chris Mospaw, Sr. Technical Project Manager, Pagely for describing this plugin during the WooSesh 2022 session How To Fix the Top 5 Performance Issues in WooCommerce 🙂

Greatly improve the performance of a WooCommerce site bogged down by tens of thousands of historic orders. Back orders up using your favorite Order Exports plugin, or rely upon integrated accounting software to keep history beyond the currently active orders in processing.

If you empty the WP Admin > WooCommerce > Orders > Trash with hundreds of orders inside, you may receive a timeout error of one form or another. Usually the trash will continue to clear. If not, simply return to the Trash later to clear out the remaining orders.