WooCommerce Quick View Pro


WooCommerce Quick View Pro allows users to view product details quickly and easily on the WooCommerce shop page. It adds a “quick view” button to each product, allowing customers to view product details in a lightbox without leaving the shop page. Customers are also able to add items to the cart directly from the quick view lightbox, without having to navigate to the product page. This can further improve the user experience and make it easier for customers to make a purchase.


  • 3 Shop display options: Show a Quick View button for each product, Display Quick View button on hover and Open the Quick View by clicking the product name or image.
  • Customization options: Store owners can choose which product data to display in the quick view lightbox.
  • Options control the product image: Allow customers to zoom in to view a close-up version of the image or display the thumbnails of the other gallery images underneath the main product image in the lightbox.
  • Gallery thumbnail style: Control how customers can navigate between the product images using a thumbnail or bullet style.
  • Translation ready: It’s WPML-compatible which makes it easy to translate product details and useful for multilingual websites.
  • Compatibility with other WooCommerce plugins: Easily integrates with WooCommerce Product Table in displaying products in a table with a quick view button for easy access to product details and WooCommerce Bulk Variations for displaying product variations grid in a quick view lightbox.
  • Easy to use: The plugin is easy to install and set up, with clear instructions and support available.


WooCommerce Quick View Pro quick view feature allows customers to view product details more efficiently and purchase items with ease directly from a quick view lightbox. It is a valuable plugin for any WooCommerce store looking to improve the user experience and increase sales.


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