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WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is a plugin that allows you to easily set up a wholesale area on your WooCommerce store. This can be particularly useful if you sell products to both retail customers and wholesale buyers, as it allows you to offer different prices and terms to each group.

One of the key features of WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is the ability to set up different pricing tiers for wholesale customers. This means that you can offer different discounts or markups to different groups of wholesale buyers. Storeowners are able to organize their wholesale customers by assigning them to different wholesale roles with different discounts.


  • Hide prices until Login: Make buying and prices only available to logged in wholesale users.
  • User management: Require wholesale buyers to log in or apply for an account before they can access the wholesale area. Admins can enable account moderation to be able to review before approving an application.
  • Different pricing tiers: Create unlimited number of wholesale roles and set different discount for each. Users can also set wholesale discounts by category and set wholesale prices at product and variation levels.
  • Extra payment options: Supports a range of payment gateways for wholesale transactions. Storeowners can allow wholesale users to pay later by invoice or BACS, instead of having to pay when they place their order
  • Disable tax: Since B2B customers are normally registered companies, you might want to disable taxes for some or all of your wholesale users – while still charging tax to public customers.
  • 2 Price display options: Users can either display the wholesale price alongside the crossed out recommended retail price or show the wholesale price only.
  • Integration with multi-currency plugins: It is compatible with Aelia’s WooCommerce Currency Switcher that allows users to create a multi-currency store, and wholesale users will see the correct B2B pricing for their currency and role.


WooCommerce Wholesale Pro is a useful plugin that can help you to easily set up and manage a wholesale area on your WooCommerce store. With a range advanced features, it is a powerful tool that can help you streamline your wholesale operations and improve the experience for your wholesale buyers.


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