Is hiwooff.com free?

Yes, it is and will remain free.

Someone else registered my extension. Is that possible?

hiWOOFF also registers extensions so that we can show the power of the platform. You can submit a request to take over your extension to manage yourself. You can also ask to remove the extension. But hopefully not, because we mainly want visibility for every extension on the market.

Is any WordPress allowed on hiwooff.com?

No Unfortunately not. Only WooCommerce related extensions are allowed. For example: caching, backup, gutenberg block plugins will be banned. The main condition is the addition of extra functionalities within WooCommerce.

Why is the number of installs displayed with a range?

In this way we give opportunities to young and new extension builders, without prejudice to the number of installs. The lowest range is 0 – 5K installs.
We assume the fairness of this data, provided by the plugin builder. If it turns out that this data is incorrect, this plugin builder will be banned from the platform after repeating.

Who determines the extension categories?

In this phase only hiWOOFF is responsible for this. A plugin builder does have the option to choose 4 categories. For Tags, you can choose or create maximum 6 tags, but use this with cause. Don’t fool the consumer please. Don’t do 6 only because it’s possible.

Which extension do i need to publish: the free/freemium version on wordpress.org or the paid version on my website?

That is up to you, but please: don’t list it twice. During registration you can set if you’re on wordpress.org and we will ask you the wordpress.org link. But you also have the option to leave your website link too! So, in this case you can promote both platforms.

Who is behind hiwooff.com?

The company behind hiwooff.com is woofers.be. A WooCommerce agency from Belgium that builds, maintains and supports webshops. Woofers does not sell or build extensions themselves. Woofers has no association whatsoever with WooCommerce or any WooCommerce plugin builders. In that regard, we are a neutral independent party within the framework of hiwooff.com.

Who is behind woofers.be?

Founder of Woofers.be is Dave Loodts (1976). Dave has led a range of WordPress contributions in the past as co-founder of WordPress Meetup Antwerp (organized some +70 meetups between 2014 – 2019). Dave was also co-lead-organizer of WordCamp Antwerp in 2016 and 2018. It was the very first WordCamp in Belgium. In 2019, Dave took a needed break from WP contributions, well and then came covid and more years went by. What comes next? We’ll see.

Why did you build hiwooff.com?

It is not easy to search or google for the right WooCommerce extension. Either you land on an affiliate website, or you land on woocommerce.com. These websites provide solid information about the possibilities, but they are not without prejudice. Of course, we 100% understand this. We also have affiliate blog articles running. And the fantastic team behind WooCommerce needs to get paid, it’s a giant team doing great work. But still we noticed that we got a lot of “wat is the best plugin for this”- questions from our customers, from ourselves and from our network. Therefore we saw this opportunity to create a “yellow pages” kind of platform for WooCommerce extensions and present the endless possibilities in a more neutral way. To be very clear: hiwooff.com will remain ‘just’ a directory site, just guiding the WooCommerce user through the ecosystem and refer to the sites of the plugin builders.

Are you competing with marketplaces?

No. We don’t have any intentions -now or in the far away future- to create a marketplace. hiWOOFF is and always will be a directory site, a starting point to discover the whole WooCommerce ecosystem. We absolutely don’t want to compete with marketplace cause they all do a fantastic job. For example: we love the WooCommerce marketplace and their incredible fast support flow. Any partnership is always welcome. 😉

How will hiwooff.com continue to run?

You mean the business model? That’s right, building and maintaining hiwooff.com has for sure its costs. We see ourselves as a young start-up right now. In time, we will build extra paying visibility options without having to sacrifice any neutrality.

Why do i need to enter the number of employees?

Don’t bother to say you’re a small company, a company of one. That can be a benefit, it makes you quick in picking up new feature requests. The customer will decide what’s important for them, and company size is absolutely not the only consideration. This data also gives us a fine stats about the WooCommerce ecosystem that we will be sharing in the next phases.

What is the difference between a plugin and an extension?

Good question, cause the jargon is used wrong in many cases. A plugin adds extra functionality to WordPress. WooCommerce adds e-commerce functionality to WordPress, so WooCommerce is a plugin. An extension adds functionality to a plugin, like for example: Facebook for WooCommerce.
But we have to say: both terms are considered to be the same. An extension is being treated in the same way as a plugin. You can download extensions via wordpress.org and install it via your plugin section.
At hiwooff.com we call it like it should be: an extension.

What’s next?

OMG, we’re just launching. But now you’re asking ;-), we have pretty awesome ideas to bring more value to the WooCommerce user. One of the biggest pain points we noticed is the language, not every one reads fluent English. Not everyone understand technical terms, certainly not in a “strange” language. And from our point of view: language is a part of inclusiveness. So, hiwooff.com will be available in multiple languages; that’s on our bucket list. Also wanted: coupon presentation, support languages of builder, more video options, option to delete extensions yourself, more speed optimization, simular extension presentation, AI search, etc