Our goal is to be the “yellow pages” of WooCommerce extensions. is the ideal platform to discover the endless possibilities of the entire WooCommerce ecosystem. We want to work as neutrally as possible, regardless of plugin builder or download platform.

Our promises

  • registering extensions on is free. And will always be free. Free for builders and users.
  • WOOFF is a directory platform, not a review platform. We don’t want to burden plugin builders with more work, but more visibility. No reviews will ever appear on, promise.
  • is not an affiliate website. Affiliate links are not allowed on; not by ourselves or by plugin builders. The main reason is to guard our neutrality.

Guidelines for plugin builders

  • only WooCommerce related extensions or WordPress plugins with a WooCommerce add-on/connection are allowed. Key rule is: if it brings value to a WooCommerce user, it’s a go.
  • plugin builders have to follow the guidelines written on this page.
  • the use of emojis in titles and extension texts are not allowed.
  • the use of coupon codes in extension texts is not allowed. WOOFF is launching a way to present coupon codes in a next phase.
  • it is forbidden to rename an existing extension to a completely new extension. Please register each new extension.
  • we ask for honesty of the data supplied; eg the number of installs. If it turns out that this data is incorrect, a plugin builder can be excluded from the platform.

Rights of

  • WOOFF retains all rights to the publication and cataloging of the extension.
  • WOOFF has no rights over the textual content of extensions, only when it is not ethically described.
  • WOOFF reserves the right to ban plugin builders from the platform if guidelines are repeatedly violated or ignored.

More questions?

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