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Any WooCommerce Extension builder is welcome: large or small business, every country, hosted on or elsewhere. With we want to let the pie grow for everyone, so that the piece of the pie of everyone grows. (tragic of the commons – love that mindset)
So yes, we want as many WooCommerce Extensions listed on to create that neutral environment to flourish our ecosystem even more.

Register your extension for free in 4 simple steps

  1. register your company
  2. add your extension via your personal dashboard
  3. after approval you will receive a publication date
  4. your extension will appear on

Register Your Company today

At we want to inform the users about the builder and the extension. Therefore, we ask you to fill in the following information


  • logo (square thumbnail)
  • company name
  • short introduction
  • start year
  • country (the country where the majority of the employees are)
  • links (website and social media)


  • name of the extension
  • logo (square thumbnail)
  • up to 4 categories
  • up to 6 tags
  • description of the extension
  • slogan in max. 250 characters
  • company name
  • number of installations (in ranges)
  • extension launch date
  • available at
  • link website
  • business Model: Free, Freemium or Pay
  • price for single site license (freemium / paid)
  • requirements: is another plugin or service needed?
  • 1 video (only Youtube is supported)
  • screenshots & images

About the pre-defined categories

We have made a range of pre-defined categories where you can add your extension. These categories are absolutely not written in stone, meaning: if you want to add a new category or you have questions about it; please do reach out.

We appreciate every feedback we get, cause without input this platform is pretty useless, right. 🙂

About tags, you can add maximum 6 tags. You even have the option of creating new tags, but use this feature with caution. Don’t fool the user with unrelated tags.

hiWOOFF’s Support System

In your dashboard you will find a Support-button per extension. Use that feature to ask support for that specific extension. Technically, our support communication system is the comment system inside WordPress. So, all communication will be kept close to the extension. Also, if we need to contact/correct Builders, we will use this comment system too to send you the message.

More info?

You can find us op Twitter: